Josué Estébanez is a 23 years old young Basque guy enlisted in the Spanish army who in the Sunday morning on November the 11th of 2007 had his life changed.

He was at Legazpi, a Madrid subway station that has this name in honour to the famous conqueror and founder of Manila, Filipinas in 1571. Like Josué, he was twice Spanish, first because he was from Spain and second because he was from the Basque country.

Josué was going to a demonstration in which the national identity was defended and where uncontrolled immigration politics were being reported. It was a legal demonstration organized by the National Democratic political party of the Spanish government. First ideological Spanish convict.

Josué was travelling alone while in Legazpi station a group of 70 people from the organized antifascist brigades came into his carriage. They were equipped with brass knuckles, knives, spikes and nunchakus; they had it all planned with the deliberate objective ‘’to hunt’’ any social-patriotic they would found. When they saw Josué, who was identified by his sweatshirt, and surrounded him, rebuking and death threating him.

Due to this situation and seeing his life into danger, he decided to defend himself, even at the expense of any of the agressors life. It was in self-defence, there is no doubt, and it was his life against theirs. The video, which recorded the entire scene, was censored and manipulated by the system also the news spread, by coincidence, a few days before the trial. This determined and convicted him before having any fair court action.

The video shows how the fight and Josué’s defence took place. It is shown his exit from the carriage and subway station, after an unjust fight. Followed by his attackers and disoriented, he gave himself to the local police who where outside in the street. In that moment, he received a brutal beating even though he was under the police supervision. He was about to lose one of his eyes.

After one military prison year, somebody decided to move him, without warning his family, his lawyer and not even him, to ‘El Puerto de Santa Maria’ prison (located in Cádiz, Spain) known as one of the most dangerous Spanish prisons and more than 1,000 kilometres away his family.

After the farce trial he was convicted to 26 years and 7 months of prison, with the ideological aggravation of ‘Ideological hate’, first case in which was applied. Now a day, he is in a northern Spanish prison, being the clay studio and gym manager.

The only victim was Josué, a guy whose youth was destroyed, a soldier who was forced to defend his physical integrity and his life, and who was punished for that. From here on we want him not to be forgotten and we want you to spread his case.

                                                  Defend your own life is not a crime

                                                                      !!! Freedom Josué!!!


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